Disaster Relief

AWB-USA assists its partners with providing integrated logistics support for the deployment of personnel, equipment and supplies within the emergency phase.

Recovery Phase

AWB-USA is committed to assisting local communities either directly or through its partners in developing sustainable solutions in the face of increasing natural, man-made and social disasters. 

AWB-USA continues with its outreach efforts in bringing the key public and private investments in developing affordable and sustainable community-led solutions.


Northern Iraq

advocating the construction of appropriate winterized dwellings for the yazidis

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Syrian Refugee Camp, Lebanon

provision of mobile potable water system through partners

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Horn of Africa

delivery of supplemental feeding programs

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The Phillipines

delivery of recovery kits post cyclone haiyan

ASF use 7-A56A5784


secondary health care program

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transporting personnel, equipment, and supplies

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maternal and child health care program


The Bahamas

relief items, environmental cleanup & debris management equipment