Our values

Everyone in AWB-USA from our senior leadership to volunteers strive to be the best that they can be to ensure that we are regarded as “The Dependables”  by our beneficiaries and the communities we serve.


Get it there no matter where


Accept and acknowledge our challenges as well as our successes


Be mindful of the customs, traditions and beliefs of those we serve


Reduce waste or misused resource to increase the efficiency of our outreach


Step up and own it


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Neutrality & Independence

AWB-USA maintains a neutral and independent approach to all its missions in accordance with the Geneva Convention. Compromise is not an option.

Sustainable Development

In line with the principle of Aviation Sans Frontieres International (ASF-International), humanitarian aid means an appropriate response to needs clearly identified by sector professionals in collaboration with groups affected. This includes offering the most cost-effective rational possible, supplying specific aid to as many as possible depending on the context and optimizing local resources. Our sustainable development approach leads us to engage local resources (natural, physical and human resources) to get the best for the long term well being of the group affected.

Supply Chain Visibility & Accountability

AWB-USA, together with our global colleagues in the ASF International family, is striving to bring together the multiple players throughout the Humanitarian Supply Chain process and roll out a unified integrated cloud-based technology platform that will afford donors, first responder, and host communities live feed dashboards on commodities and personnel status thereby enabling greater visibility and accountability to all.