With your support, we help people in need

AWB-USA consolidates and materializes the aviation industry’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) humanitarian efforts.

We not only transport personnel and supplies from end-to-end but we are also involved in the humane dimension of the projects we support.

Moreover AWB-USA is committed to utilizing the latest technological advancement in support of its projects.

The aviation community in USA cares and will do its best to help ease the suffering of the local community whenever it is needed.

What We Do

Aviation Logistics & Supply

We provide aviation humanitarian supports during the early onset of emergency by mobilizing fit for purpose local air assets to transport first responders and relief items to the affected areas.

Education & Training

We provides access to gender and education specialists to empower populations marginalized by poverty and inequalities. We also provide Shared Services to AWB local chapters and indigenous NGOs to ensure compliance with the relevant reporting requirements of various donors.


We avail cutting edge technology (biometric verification system and mobile apps) to distribute and verify relief assistance in a dignified manner to the marginalized population.

The image shows ATM with iris recognition technology to enable card-less and contactless banking.