Disaster Relief

AWB-USA assists its partners with providing integrated logistics support for the deployment of personnel, equipment and supplies within the emergency phase.

USA Programs

AWB-USA is committed to assisting local communities either directly or through its partners in developing sustainable solutions in the face of increasing natural, man-made and social disasters. 

AWB-USA continues with its outreach efforts in bringing the key public and private investments in developing affordable and sustainable community-led solutions.

Covid-19 and Wildfires Response

As the next predicted surge of the Covid-19 pandemic arrives with cooler temperatures, AWB-USA is preparing our communities, working to provide facemasks, PPE, and essential supports to those most vulnerable. On another front, we are working to provide assistance to families displaced by the wildfires on the West Coast with cash as well as basic support. With your help, we can work together to provide resources quickly and efficiently as we identify those most in need all across the country.

Join us in our mission get resources not only where they are needed most, but also when they are needed most.

Promoting Career Path in Aviation

Aviation Without Borders USA connect with high school students to provide an overview of the many areas of aviation where there are career opportunities. AWB-USA provides information on aviation career growth strategies from some of the most seasoned aviation professionals and enables high school students to receive top-flight guidance on how to navigate challenges and carve out the best path to success within the broader aviation sector.
AWB-USA will also direct prospective students to scholarships available in this field, enabling disadvantaged and underrepresented students to have a chance at emerging as the catalyst for positive change in their family, community, and society.

Face masks for USA veterans

West Palm Beach Veteran Hospital, FL

delivery of face masks for our veterans through WPB veteran hospital

Manna 1

Gaithersburg, MD

delivery of face mask for food insecure families in montgomery county, maryland

Face masks delivery to hospital

Miami Veteran Hospital, FL

provision of face masks to us veterans

Shepherd's Table

Silver Spring, MD

delivery of face masks for the homeless through shepherd's table

We appreciate our volunteers

Rockville, MD

provision of face masks to covid-19 high risk elderly in rockville areas

Manna 2

Silver Spring, MD

delivery of face masks to food insecure families in silver spring areas

Letter of Appreciation from Hunan Government - in English


facilitation of personal protective equipments procurement from usa to china at the beginning of covid-19 outbreak in wuhan

Delivery of face masks to the Homeless Center

Rockville, MD

provision of face masks for the homeless and marginalized in rockville

Copy of Copy of Amharic 1

USA and Global

free covid-19 prevention posters download in 28 languages