Donate Your Aircraft

Thank you. We are honored you decided to donate your aircraft to AWB-USA to support our humanitarian efforts to provide access to the most isolated people in need. Your contributions to AWB-USA are tax-deductible. We work closely with highly regarded IRS certified aircraft value appraisers to ensure your aircraft is appraised at fair market value, therefore maximizing your tax deduction. Rest assured the process of your generous donation will be easy and hassle-free.

Contact us, our expert will explain, guide and take over your headache!

Why Donate Your Aircraft to AWB-USA?

We would never get poor by giving; your generous gift will meet both your personal and corporate social responsibility aspirations.

Your aircraft will help us meet our promise to deliver on that last mile. Your gift will support our projects that afford direct access to the most isolated people in need irrespective of the geopolitical challenges.

We work with respected certified IRS aircraft appraisers used by several aviation museums. This ensures your aircraft is appraised at fair market value, therefore maximizing your tax deduction to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Also, there is no out of pocket expenses for you, ever.

The donation process is hassle-free and easy. Our professional staff will contact you to make arrangements for valuation, appraisal, and transport. We will also ensure seamless paperwork process and timely service.

Solve your headache: donating your unwanted aircraft will declutter and optimize your asset holdings, in addition to saving you the costly upkeep of unwanted aircraft.

What Happens to My Donated Aircraft?

If your donated aircraft is fit for purpose, we will use it directly in our humanitarian operations to provide access to the most isolated people in need, either in the US or around the world together with our sister organizations at Aviation San Frontieres family. The donated aircraft that cannot be used directly for field service will be sold and the proceeds will be used to support our program and operations.

What Type of Aircraft Do You Accept?

We accept donations of all types of aircraft new or used including seaplanes, helicopters, private or commercial jets, certified, experimental, ultralights, aircraft kits, as well as aircraft parts and tools.