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Free-For-All: COVID-19 Preventative Posters


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Complete print quality posters collection are available at the Gallery on our website www.awb-usa.org

Over the past week, we have received numerous requests from people asking how to protect themselves and their families against the Coronavirus. So, we got together with our global ASF family and friends and decided to initiate Free-For-All: Covid-19 Preventative Posters.

Our posters provide basic hygiene and preventative directions in as many languages as possible, for all age groups irrespective of race, religion or geographic location.

After all, the more we are aware and prevent, the safer the world will be for all of us.

Please feel free to download and use these posters in your homes, schools, offices, shops, workplaces, places of worship, anywhere you wish, no restrictions! After all, we are Aviation…… Without Borders.

There are no limitations, just please pass it forward…

PS: If you don’t find the language of your choice, please contact our Communication team at gdutti@awb-usa.org.